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ADENEO (ASRC member) (Entité)
ADENEO (membre ASRC)
ADENEO (ASRC member)
Société de Recherche Privée
2, chemin du Ruisseau
69130 ECULLY
Billé Jérôme
10. Fév 2012
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oui Electronics; Energy; ICT; Software; Acoustics; Thermal engineering ADENEO (ASRC member)

Systems: system research & development
Power Electronics: research & development into power architectures and prototyping
Electronics: analog & digital research & development, programmable components, prototyping
Software: real-time secure software R&D, low layer embedded OS, applications
Burn-in: FMECA, escalation trials, thermal simulation, accelerated maturity, up-screening
Operational safety: aeronautics security design - DAL D to A, DO254, DO178, railway - EN50128, SIL4, medical, defense
Industrialization & production management: research into innovative manufacturing and assembly technologies and processes, design-for-manufacturability, miniaturization.

  • Energy conversion and storage for the development of electric and low-energy land, air and sea transport
  • Embedded information systems and command, control (intelligence and security)
  • Signal processing in all fields of application
  • Interconnection and rapid electronics for transport and defense
  • Digital simulation for tests and trials…
10. Fév 2012